Larry Wright

MAYOR For Centerville

I am running for Mayor because I deeply care about Centerville and have a desire to promote the general well-being of its citizens. I also want to preserve the family environment that we have come to love and expect in Centerville.

I am:
• A strong advocate for keeping our family-oriented, bedroom community on the east side of the freeway.
• Opposed to a UTA-Bus Rapid Transit System on Main Street and the impact it may have on our community.
• Conservative on taxes.
• Retired and have the experience, time and energy to represent the community as Mayor.

About Larry

Meet Larry Wright

Family Stats:

  • Raised 5 beautiful children
  • Blessed with 22 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter
  • 46 marvelous years of marriage with Lisa
  • 1 super dog named Rocket
  • *Special note:  Lisa taught at Centerville Elementary as a Special Education Teacher for over 21 years.  She loves the children of Centerville as do I!


Work Experiences:

  • Served in three military conflicts. U.S. Air Force Retired Veteran. 
  • Earned PhD in Organization and Management, two master’s degrees and a bachelor’s degree. Also graduated from the Armed Forces Staff College, and the Air Command and Staff College.
  • Expert emergency planner. Instrumental in creating the City’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Plan. 
  • Wrote the United Nation’s Manual for responding to sudden-onset disasters. 
  • Extensive experience in land and real estate development – 24 years as a Real Estate Broker.  As a result, I have the ability to advocate for Centerville’s needs, not outside interests.
  • Served 8 years on the Centerville City Council. 
  • Fought for Centerville when UTA wanted light rail down Main Street.  Will work tirelessly to create resistance to any transit on Main Street that creates safety hazards to our 5 school crossings, and increases density to justify UTA-ridership. 


As your Mayor I would fully disclose facts around all issues, and lead the city council, not work around them.

Issues & Solutions

Larry's Platform


Family friendly and senior and child safe! Support and fund our dedicated and essential emergency responders: Police, firemen, and EMT – medical responders, and others.

Safety for Our Children

As a grandparent of 22, I am deeply concerned about school crossing safety. I am also very appreciative of our Centerville Police and crossing guards for what they do to keep our children safe.


Our mayor has indicated that he favors high density housing. We cannot forget our rural roots by superimposing an urban zoning philosophy. I cannot support zoning changes that encourage high density zoning and growth.

Light Rail or Rapid Transit Down Main Street

As a councilman, I fought to prevent light rail and rapid transit down Main Street. It was a tough battle and our opponents have been playing the long game – they have enlisted our current mayor to move their work along. One of the differences between my candidacy and that of our current mayor is that I do not support rapid transit and/or light rail down Main Street.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

A mayor can’t respond to a disaster alone – it requires the support of the whole community. While on City Council I wrote the by-laws for the Centerville Citizen Corps Council and the neighborhood emergency management plan which is still in use today. The plan models a cooperative effort in responding to emergencies and disasters.


I will put the skids on raising taxes. Time to take another look at our budget priorities in order to live within our means.


to citizens needs and suggestions is paramount! Centerville government works for the people.


An effective leader credits others for their hard work and success. They avoid taking personal credit for the work of others.

It’s time to give back to our Seniors

Seniors want pickleball courts! We can do this!

Priority Infrastructure

Continually maintain, repair and replace critical infrastructure.

Supporting Local Business

local business is the lifeblood of our community. We need to support them!

Bike Trail

More study is needed to know the impact on Centerville citizens. Can the city afford it?

Respect the Stars and Stripes

Our Nation and the men and women who sacrificed their lives to preserve its freedom deserve our respect. That respect and honor can be shown by correctly displaying the Stars and Stripes on Main Street.

Resistance is not futile! Hillside development is dangerous!

We tend to forget what the early pioneers learned about the hillside. History teaches us that hillside development can increase the danger of mudslides and floods. I am not in favor of hillside development.

Work with, not around, the City Council

A mayor best exercises leadership when he works with, not around, the city council.

Reject Critical Race Theory

CRT is infecting our country, and it is a dogma to freedom, and does not have a place in Centerville, Utah, or our Country! And, certainly not in our school system.


Our current cemetery is full. We need more cemetery space and this may require a land purchase.

Keep Our Heritage Alive

We have a rich pioneer heritage and I am grateful for the work that has gone into the Whitaker Museum to keep this heritage alive. I love the beautiful gardens behind the Whitaker. These gardens showcase our rural heritage while acknowledging the urban elements of our community.

Restore Fall and Spring Cleanup

I will seek to restore curbside debris pickup for spring and fall clean-up.

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